ESF Information Memo 36/20 - Year 3 On the Spot checks

This memo provides projects with an update on the arrangements for conducting Year 3 On the Spot checks for the ESF Call 2 Programme.

Dear Project Promoter,

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In light of the current restrictions imposed by the Northern Ireland Executive in response to the coronavirus pandemic, obtaining access to buildings, staff and paperwork on site at training organisations is severely restricted.  These restrictions are likely to continue to some extent for the foreseeable future.  Therefore it is proposed that Managing Authority will conduct a targeted and focused On the Spot (OTS) check remotely for Year 3 focusing on project staffing in order to fully verify and confirm staff in post and obtaining sufficient evidence of the delivery of activity.


The year 3 OTS checks will be undertaken between January and March 2021.  All projects will be subject to the same checks and short Zoom interviews will be conducted with a small number of staff selected randomly.  Staff from the Managing Authority Verification Team (MAVT) will shortly be in contact to obtain the contact details of all selected staff to facilitate direct contact.


Please make all staff on the ESF project aware of this memo and advise them that MAVT staff could be in touch with them during the period Jan to March 2021 and that they should fully co-operate and provide any requested documentary evidence. Elected staff should also, where requested, be prepared to provide documentation to verify the activity they have undertaken.






If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact our team at



Gareth Dillon
Head of ESF Managing Authority

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