ESF Information Memo 16/22 - document retention period 2007-2014 ESF Programme

Guidance for projects around document retention for ESF Programme 2014 - 2020.

Dear Project Promoter,

Following up from previous guidance provided by Project Delivery Branch in relation to document retention for the ESF 2007-14 Programme.

For the 2007-2014 programme the beneficiary was required by Article 140 of Council Regulation (EC) No1303/2013 to retain documents relating to the implementation of the project and its financing until 2 April 2022.

All records relating to this programme may now be disposed of securely.

Please note that all projects funded under the current ESF 2014-2020 Programme must retain records until December 2030. Prior to the destruction of any documents, confirmation should be sought from Project Delivery Branch.

If you have any queries, please send them to

Kind regards,

Dan Cartland
Head of ESF Project Delivery Branch

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