ESF Information Memo 06/21 - COVID-19 absences

Guidance to ESF programme 2014-2020 project promoters around COVID-19 absences.

Dear Project Promoter,

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Further clarification around ESF Information Memo 20/20 - COVID-19 verification.

Can I remind everyone to ensure they have, as advised, provided us with details of all staff deployed on COVID-19 related work which was socially or economically focussed during the period March 20 - October 20 and for any periods claimed from November onwards. In all cases, the activity and time claimed is still required to be supported by appropriately robust records. Where activity is COVID-19 related this should be clearly distinguished from the core ESF activity through the use of timesheets. This type of evidence will also be required where a full time member of staff has been fully/partially redeployed on COVID-19 activity.

Also we appreciate not all Match Funders may will be willing to match fund COVID-19 related absences, DfE have decided to pay 100% of these costs.

I would be grateful if you could notify your match funders of this decision to prevent any potential over payments.


Annie McGowan
Head of ESF Project Delivery Branch

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