ESF Information Memo 24/21 - Forthcoming checks on Annex As for Call 2 and Call 3

This memo provides the information to project promoters regarding the forthcoming checks on Annex A forms for Call 2 and Call 3.

Dear Project Promoter,

European Social Fund Northern Ireland logo containing text "European Union, European Social Fund, Northern Ireland"In their recent checks the EC Auditors have been very strict and particularly focussed on the identification of all ‘direct staff’ that are working to deliver the project activities, including those staff of direct delivery partners. Therefore we find ourselves required to conduct a retrospective exercise to examine all job descriptions included in the Annex A to ensure that only Direct Activities for Direct Support, Direct Implementation or Direct Specialist/Management are included. Over the next few weeks, where applicable you will be contacted to discuss any queries or modifications required to strengthen your Call 2 Annex A for Job titles and/or Job descriptions.

This exercise will be running in parallel with the due diligence process to examine all Annex As for Call 3, therefore you may be contacted by both teams with Annex A queries.

Please also note you will find a revised Appendix 1 on the departmental website which now requires you provide full details all changes to job titles or job descriptions. This should be used going forward for the remainder of year 4.

I appreciate your full assistance throughout this exercise.

Annie McGowan
Head of ESF Project Delivery Branch

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