ESF Information Memo 12/21 - revised ESF branding and publicity requirements

Information for project promoters around the ESF branding and publicity requirements.

Dear Project Promoter,

European Social Fund Northern Ireland logo containing text "European Union, European Social Fund, Northern Ireland"The purpose of this memo is to inform you that the ESF branding and publicity requirements have been reviewed, revised and published on the DfE website.

Most of the changes are only minor.

One change that you should note is the requirement to get approval when you are going to use the ESF logo on any document, website or merchandise. Most projects already do this, but this is to remind all projects that if you are going to use the ESF or DfE logos on any item, that permission should be obtained in advance.

If you require any advice or confirmation on your responsibilities in adhering to this guidance please use the appropriate contact details:

Priorities 1 & 2 Project Promoters


Telephone: contact the nominated Claims Inspector for your project within ESF Programme Delivery Branch (PDB).

Priority 3 Apprenticeship Providers


Telephone: 0300 200 7876

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