ESF Information Memo 27/20 - Performance monitoring: submission of records to the ESIF database

This memo provides Projects with guidance around the submission of records to the performance monitoring module of the ESIF database. This memo was created on 4 September 2020 and updated on 16 September 2020.

Dear Project Promoter,

Currently when participant records have been entered and saved the database marks them as complete, that is, the records show a green tick against the participant details on the screen and are recorded as complete on an export report.

This was misleading as it appeared to indicate that the record had been submitted and has led to some records not been submitted onto the database. This had no effect on the number of records counted for performance monitoring as the performance team count all records saved. However as the database validation rules only apply after the records have been submitted this has led to errors in data entered not been detected on any saved only records.

For enrolments after 1 April 2020 a modification has been made to the export report to show the date submitted and projects should use this to ensure that all future saved records have been submitted and thus all database validation rules have been applied. Participants enrolled on or after 1 April 2020 will only be counted if they have been submitted. The rules regarding not submitting records of participants enrolled under the relaxed criteria for NEETs and CFSP projects as set out in ESF Memo 14/20 still apply.

Records that have been submitted will be identifiable with a date in the date submitted column on the export report. A bulk update to enter a submitted date for all complete records with start dates between 1 April 2020 and 12 August 2020 will be applied. The date used for this was the date last updated by the Project.

A bulk upload for participant records with start dates prior to 1 April 2020 will not be applied although all records prior to this date will continue to count towards performance monitoring

At each stage of a participant’s progress on the project the record will be updated; to make changes to participant details and record milestones such as exit details and immediate and longer term results indicators. When a change is made the database automatically removes the submitted status and will only re-populate once the amended record is saved and re-submitted. Projects must ensure that all changes are saved and the record re-submitted.

If you have any questions on this or would like to talk through the functionality of the export reports please give me a call on 028 9025 7817 or e-mail

Sarah Sheppard
ESF Project Delivery Branch

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