ESF Information Memo 03/23 - Guidance on naming documents for uploading to ESIF

Guidance to ESF programme 2014-2020 project promoters regarding the naming of documents for uploading to ESIF. This memo was published on 29 June 2023.

Dear Project Promoter,

Although the ESF programme ended in March 2023, you will be continuing to upload long term result indicator (LTRI) declarations to reflect participants’ circumstances six months after they left your project.


The purpose of this memo is to remind you of the importance of the correct naming convention when uploading the documentary evidence required for LTRI’s. 

As highlighted in Guidance Note 5 – DfE website (page 16), it is important to name documents appropriately and uniquely to ensure it does not overwrite any previous documentation uploaded.

Naming convention

The best approach would be to use the format - firstname lastname.LTRI.docx or firstname.lastname.LTRI.docx. 

You should not use any punctuation marks when naming documents. Please also note there is a limit on the number of characters which can be used in a title - if too long the documentation will not upload to the database.

I would be grateful if you would bring the contents of this memo to the attention of your staff and/or project partners responsible for the uploading of participant evidence.


Kevin McVeigh
Head of ESF Managing Authority

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