ESF Information Memo 28/20 - ESF claims process: deadlines for submission of documentation

This memo provides Projects with an update on the submission of documentation.

Dear Project Promoter,

You will be aware from recent meetings that the PDB Claims Team is currently processing and verifying claims for the period currently covered by interim average payments (March to September 2020), with a view to implementing the normal claims process as soon as possible.

You were advised at those meetings that Appendix 1s and Annex As should be submitted to the PDB Claims Team when the previous month’s claim has been verified or they are requested by PDB.

To ensure that the claims process is completed in an accurate and timely manner for the whole period of March to September, I have reviewed our procedures and deadlines and, given that we are dealing with retrospective claim periods, I wish to advise the following changes to current submission deadlines in respect of claims documentation:



Current Deadline

Revised Deadline

Submission of Appendix 1s (May to August 2020)



Submission of Appendix 1s (from September onwards)

In advance of the change

As soon as the staff change is  known by the Project

Agreement of Annex A


Within two working days of receipt of revised Annex A

Absence Notifications

three days

Within two working days of receipt of request.

Submission of Completed Claim

two weeks

Within one week of receipt of Claim, or earlier if possible

I also wish to re-emphasise the need to be accurate in the details you provide in your documentation, to avoid the need to revise or revisit already completed claims, and also the need to respond to any additional information requests in a timely and accurate manner.

If you have any queries, please contact your IP Manager, Jimmy Keenan or Martin O’Hagan, in the first instance.


Paul Liddy
Head of ESF Claims Team


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