ESF Information Memo 34/20 - printed and electronic signatures

ESF Information Memo 34/20 - printed and electronic signatures: timesheets

17 November 2020

Dear Project Promoter,

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The purpose of this note is to update projects on the temporary measure to accept electronic (scanned wet signatures) or printed/typed signatures on timesheets during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The acceptance of such printed/typed signatures is on the basis that projects retain an audit trail of the employee’s confirmation to the line manager (by email or otherwise) of the hours worked. This audit trail will be checked as part of the department’s on -the- spot checks.

With respect to electronic or scanned wet signatures, the department will seek confirmation from the employee, again as part of the on-the-spot checks, that the timesheet accurately reflects their hours and the signature is theirs.

If you have any queries, please contact your IP Manager, Jimmy Keenan or Martin O’Hagan, in the first instance.

Paul Liddy
Head of ESF Claims Team

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