ESF Information Memo 05/22 - Call 3 - Letter of Offer and match funding

ESF Information Memo 05/22 - Call 3 - Letter of Offer and match funding published on 12 January 2022.

Dear Project Promoter,

I am aware that a number of Call 3 projects have not yet secured the match funding they require. I understand the significant pressure this is placing on projects and appreciate the reluctance to accept Call 3 Letters of Offer whilst uncertainty remains.

I therefore wish to assure projects that no sanctions (financial or otherwise) will be applied to any project who has to subsequently withdraw their Call 3 Letter of Offer acceptance. Where a Letter of Offer has to be amended1, including where it might need to be scaled back as a consequence of failing to secure all of the required match funding, a revised agreement will be issued.

We are keen to advance some of the onerous administrative tasks, including the upload of Letter of Offer details to the EU database. This will help to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in getting projects and claim processes operationalised. Accordingly, I would remind you that Letter of Offer acceptances must be accompanied by a wet signature and sent from your official organisation e-mail address on or before 31/01/2022 to the ESF Call 3 mailbox at .

If you have any queries regarding this memo please feel free to contact me.

Stay safe.


Anne McGowan
Head of ESF Project Delivery Branch

1 Letters of offer grant amounts cannot be increased.

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