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Equality screening in respect of the Employment Rights (NI) Order 1996 (Protection from Suffering Detriment in Health and Safety Cases) (Amendment) Order (Northern Ireland) 2021.

Published 23 April 2021Impact assessments

The Level 2 Traineeship Programme will commence in September 2021. The purpose of this document is to ensure that data on participants on Level 2 Traineeships is being correctly and consistently recorded in all colleges.

Published 23 April 2021Circulars

Booklet for the Northern Ireland Apprenticeship Awards 2021 ceremony.

Published 21 April 2021Promotional material

This page presents some of the ad-hoc analysis and research carried out by the Department to inform future skills policy making.

Published 20 April 2021Research and analysis

Equality screening for the "Recruit an apprentice" incentive scheme

Published 16 April 2021Impact assessments

Equality screening for the Challenge Fund incentive scheme.

Published 16 April 2021Impact assessments

The Department for the Economy (DfE) wishes to appoint a new Chair to the Board of Northern Ireland Screen. The appointment will be effective from July 2021 for a term of five years.

Published 14 April 2021Forms

In December 2019, the Department for the Economy (DfE) appointed Grant Thornton to conduct an evaluation on the impact of the Northern Ireland European Social Fund (NI ESF) Programme 2014-2020.

Published 13 April 2021Independent reports

A privacy notice outlining how personal data will be handled in relation to the Energy Strategy Policy Options consultation.

Published 13 April 2021Notices

In the first of a new series of subject-specific career guides, the Careers Service “Spotlight on Physics” feature, produced in conjunction with the Institute of Physics (IOP), Queen’s University Belfast and The Open University, showcases the advantages of st

Published 12 April 2021Guidance literature

Equality screening for the Energy Strategy policy options, in advance of the strategy being published at the end of 2021.

Published 31 March 2021Impact assessments

This research, completed by Queen’s University Belfast, provides insights into how Northern Ireland’s SMEs have responded to the Covid-19 pandemic, based on data from the latest wave of ONS Business Impact of Covid-19 Survey (BICS) and the new ERC Business Futures

Published 31 March 2021Research and analysis

All Department for the Economy staff (including consultants and contract staff) must declare any gifts or hospitality offered to them in relation to their official duties, whether accepted or declined, including the names of those making and receiving the offer.

Published 29 March 2021Notices

Covid-19 and the latest restrictions are having an ever-developing and cumulative impact on the local economy.

Published 26 March 2021Research and analysis

All Department for the Economy staff must formally declare any potential conflicts of interest as soon as it is feasible to do so after they have identified them, in accordance with the NICS staff handbook. Conflicts of interest declarations require DfE staff to provide p

Published 25 March 2021Notices

Equality screening for the "Delivery of additional financial support to HE students in Northern Ireland who have been impacted by Covid-19".

Published 22 March 2021Impact assessments

The Department for the Economy has issued a tender competition to deliver the Apprenticeshipsni 2021 programme. This page contains the Level 2 frameworks for the programme.

Published 22 March 2021Development plan/framework

The Department for the Economy has issued a tender competition to deliver the Apprenticeshipsni 2021 programme. This page contains the Level 3 frameworks for the programme.

Published 19 March 2021Development plan/framework

Equality screening of the Department for the Economy’s proposed Resource Departmental Expenditure Budget 2021/22 Internal Allocations.

Published 18 March 2021Financial plans and reports

Invest NI wishes to appoint a Chairperson and three Members to the Board of Northern Ireland Co-operation Overseas (NI-CO) from 1 September 2021 (Chairperson) and 1 October 2021 (board members). 

Published 18 March 2021Forms


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