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This is the fifth in a regular series which will keep key stakeholders updated on progress with developing the new energy strategy. 

Published 30 October 2020Guidance literature

Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) on Priority Dispatch Provisions of the 2019 Electricity (Recast) Regulation ((EU) 2019/943).

Published 30 October 2020Impact assessments

The Department for the Economy wishes to appoint a Chair and four new Members to the Board of the Labour Relations Agency (LRA) with effect from 1 April 2021. The LRA is a statutory body, independent of government, with the general duty of promoting the improvement of emp

Published 29 October 2020Forms

Letter to European Social Fund (ESF) projects regarding next steps when Priority 1 and Priority 2 funding ends in March 2022.

Published 29 October 2020Correspondence

This note draws on the international small advanced economy experience to provide further insights and guidance on institutional and governance questions with respect to developing and implementing an integrated skills, innovation, and economic strategy.

Published 28 October 2020Research and analysis

The Careers Occupational Information Unit (COIU), within the Careers Service, produces regular bulletins on growing sectors within the economy. This bulletin covers "Life Sciences".

Published 27 October 2020Guidance literature

These leaflets contains details on how you can apply for an award for postgraduate study and contains information regarding rates of grant, fees and allowances. 

Published 26 October 2020Guidance literature

Infographic outlining the criteria for categories A, B and C of the COVID-19 restrictions Business Support Scheme announced on 22 October 2020.

Published 26 October 2020Guidance literature

On 17 June 2020, Minister Dodds announced the membership of the reconstituted Economic Advisory Group (EAG). This document sets out its terms of reference.

Published 26 October 2020Guidance literature

The Department for the Economy submitted an Implementation Plan to the European Commission (EC) in advance of concluding electricity capacity contracts through the Single Electricity Market in 2020.

Published 09 October 2020Development plan/framework

This booklet sets out the terms and conditions of the Department for the Economy (DfE) Postgraduate Studentships held at Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University.

Published 08 October 2020Legislation and regulations

Equality screening of Northern Ireland Committee Irish Congress of Trades Unions (NICICTU) Employment Training Programme 2020/21.

Published 06 October 2020Impact assessments

This factsheet presents key findings from the Young Persons’ Behaviour and Attitudes Survey (YPBAS), carried out between September 2019 and February 2020, in relation to careers advice and guidance to year 11 and 12 pupils in Northern Ireland and their university aspirat

Published 30 September 2020Statistical reports

The Corporate Governance Code Northern Ireland requires the Department for the Economy (DfE) to have an effective Departmental Board which provides leadership for the Department’s business and helps it to operate in a business-like manner.

Published 29 September 2020Business plans

This document is to help employers, employees and the self-employed understand how to work safely and keep your clients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring as many people as possible comply with social distancing guidelines.

Published 29 September 2020Guidance literature

The Department for the Economy has produced a report on the potential renewable electricity projects coming through the planning pipeline. The report provides information on projects at various stages of the development process.

Published 28 September 2020Research and analysis

This is the fourth in a regular series which will keep key stakeholders updated on progress with developing the new energy strategy. 

Published 25 September 2020Guidance literature

This is the annual report for the Department for the Economy. The report provides information about the range of activities in which the Department has been engaged over the past year, ended 31 March 2019, and its performance against its key commitments and targets.

Published 24 September 2020Corporate reports

This paper, completed by the Fraser of Allander Institute on behalf of the Department for the Economy, examines the potential for embracing and monitoring inclusive growth in Northern Ireland.

Published 15 September 2020Research and analysis

Equality screening around recommencing on-site educational delivery in FE colleges and non-statutory contractors.

Published 15 September 2020Impact assessments

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