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This Statistical Bulletin is part of a biannual series published by the Department for the Economy (DfE) to provide key information on the Training for Success 2013 and 2017 programmes (TfS 2013/2017) in Northern Ireland and contains data to April 2019.

Published 28 August 2019Statistical reports

The Department for the Economy has announced extensions to the terms of office of a number of FE college governing body members. This document contains pen pictures of each governing body member whose term has been extended.

Published 15 August 2019Lists and registers

This report, "The Strategic Integration of Skills and Innovation Policy in Northern Ireland: an international small economy perspective", describes the way in which skills and innovation policy in small advanced economies is designed, and in particular the way i

Published 15 August 2019Research and analysis

This ESF Memo is on Immediate Results Indicators (IRI) and Long Term Results Indicators (LTRI), which aim to identify a change in the situation of participants compared to that on entry to the operation.

Published 14 August 2019Guidance literature

Standard information required for each installation to be inspected under the Non-Domestic RHI Scheme.

Published 08 August 2019Guidance literature

The Ulster University Economic Policy Centre (UUEPC) was commissioned by the Department for the Economy (DfE) to “to research the economic value and impact of the geosciences sector to the Northern Ireland (NI) economy and consider the potential of that sector to fu

Published 07 August 2019Research and analysis

The Department monitors recently published relevant research reports and, each quarter, produces a summary in the Research Digests for wider dissemination.

Published 05 August 2019Research and analysis

This is the annual report for the Department for the Economy. The report provides information about the range of activities in which the Department has been engaged over the past year, ended 31 March 2019, and its performance against its key commitments and targets.

Published 05 August 2019Corporate reports

Independent research to identify and assess strategic routes and policy levers to improve Northern Ireland’s aviation connectivity. 

Published 01 August 2019Research and analysis

Equality screening assessment in regard to "The Industrial Training Levy (Construction Industry) Order (Northern Ireland) 2019".

Published 01 August 2019Impact assessments

This updated report provides a detailed understanding of the skill requirements for the Northern Ireland economy up to 2028 with the aim of ensuring that any skills gaps are identified and addressed.

Published 31 July 2019Research and analysis

Equality screening assesment in regard to The Student Fees (Amounts) and Education (Student Support (No.2)) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2019.

Published 31 July 2019Impact assessments

This research by the National Institute for Economic & Social Research (NIESR) was commissioned by the Department for the Economy in response to one of the recommendations made by the Northern Ireland Audit Office (NIAO) in its 2016 report 'Contracted Training Pro

Published 25 July 2019Research and analysis

Equality screening assessment of round 4 of the Higher and Further Education Collaboration Fund ('Connected 4')

Published 24 July 2019Impact assessments

Offshore Renewable Energy Strategic Action Plan (ORESAP) Progress Reports.

Published 23 July 2019Statistical reports

Equality screening assessment of the Assured Skills pre-employment programme.

Published 16 July 2019Impact assessments

The Department for the Economy has published a data paper on Northern Ireland’s trade and investment under ‘no deal’ as part of the Northern Ireland Civil Service’s work on EU Exit.

Published 10 July 2019Research and analysis

In August 2017, the UK Government published an ‘Additional Data Paper’ along with its ‘Position Paper on Ireland/Northern Ireland’.

Published 05 July 2019Research and analysis

The preparation for shale-gas exploration in Northern Ireland, and possibly in due course its regulation, will require input from several government departments and other bodies.

Published 04 July 2019Consultation reports

This Report, constituting phase one of the agreed two phase progress report, aims to assess progress made toward achieving the quantified targets for expenditure, outputs and results set out in the 2014-2020 European Social Fund (ESF) Programme, Priorities 1-3.

Published 24 June 2019Corporate reports

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