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First day brief provided to the Economy Minister in February 2024.

Published 29 February 2024Policy papers

The department monitors recently published relevant research reports and, each quarter, produces a summary in the Research Digests for wider dissemination.

Published 28 February 2024Research and analysis

DfE unacceptable behaviour policy - Equality screening template – Section 75 of Northern Ireland Act 1998 equality screening -

Published 27 February 2024Policy papers

Privacy notice - Unacceptable behaviour by our customers

Published 27 February 2024Policy papers

Loan, grant and fee rates for academic year 2024/25 memorandum. Support available under the student support regulations.

Published 27 February 2024Notices

This policy sets out what the department means by unacceptable behaviour and its approach to dealing with it when it occurs.

Published 26 February 2024Policy papers

The Department for the Economy is required to prepare an annual general report under Article 372 of the Insolvency (Northern Ireland) Order 1989 on matters within the Insolvency Order.

Published 21 February 2024Corporate reports

This is the twenty fifth edition of the Energy Strategy E-Bulletin, which aims to keep stakeholders informed about progress on the new Energy Strategy for Northern Ireland.

Published 21 February 2024Guidance literature

A factsheet has been produced that details monthly online job posting trends across Northern Ireland. It includes an assessment of selected sectors as well as skills in demand.

Published 14 February 2024Research and analysis

Equality screening for the Flood Damage Business Grant Scheme

Published 07 February 2024Forms

This publication presents analysis on the second year of Level 2 (L2) Traineeships. The NI Traineeship is a full-time Level 2 vocational education training offer and is delivered at further education (FE) colleges.

Published 07 February 2024Statistical reports

Equality screening around the policy: Amendments to higher education student support policy to reflect changes in immigration statuses and fee support for family members of ‘settled persons’.

Published 06 February 2024Impact assessments

Glossary of definitions around higher education statistics.

Published 05 February 2024Guidance literature

The information presented in this statistical fact sheet has been derived from the consolidated data return (CDR) which is provided by FE colleges.

Published 05 February 2024Guidance literature

In January 2023, the Department for the Economy (DfE) commissioned Steer Economic Development (Steer-ED), supported by DMS Research & Consulting and Norman Apsley, to undertake research into Northern Ireland’s software economy: the organisations and people that devel

Published 02 February 2024Research and analysis

The department conducted a public review to inform a new procurement exercise to extend coverage of gigabit-capable broadband across Northern Ireland.

Published 02 February 2024Research and analysis

This report provides a general update on each of the five key principles of the Energy Strategy and outlines the progress made against each of the Action Points over the last 12 months.

Published 01 February 2024Corporate reports

These documents set out the partnership arrangements between the six FE colleges in Northern Ireland and the Department for the Economy.

Published 01 February 2024Contract management

This report presents key details of the participation by 16- to 19-year-olds in full-time education and vocational training in Northern Ireland (NI).

Published 31 January 2024Research and analysis

Statistics and Research Branch (Tertiary Education) is responsible for the collection, quality assurance, analysis and publication of timely and accurate information derived from a wide range of statistical information returns supplied by the higher education institutions (HEI

Published 31 January 2024Guidance literature

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