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Choosing technologies where NI has a competitive edge and high growth potential will enable us to capitalise on opportunities presented by local and global trends, positioning NI at the forefront of development in these areas.

Published 28 September 2023Impact assessments

Psychometric testing is increasingly used as part of the recruitment and selection process.

In this feature, we take a look at what it is, why it is used, common myths, as well as providing some practical advice to help you prepare for a psychometric test.

Published 27 September 2023Guidance literature

This analysis explores the relationship between exports, innovation, and productivity in a small economy context to provide insight into a strategic approach to export promotion in Northern Ireland aligned with the 10x Economy.

Published 21 September 2023Research and analysis

The Department for the Economy commissioned KPMG to prepare this research report. The report aims to facilitate a broader understanding of Northern Ireland’s Food Supply Chain/Safety (FSCS) and Agri-Tech capability, and future windows of opportunity.

Published 20 September 2023Research and analysis

This is the twenty third edition of the Energy Strategy e-bulletin, which aims to keep stakeholders informed about progress on the new Energy Strategy for Northern Ireland.

Published 15 September 2023Guidance literature

The Department for the Economy has commissioned a Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitat Regulations Assessment (SEA/HRA) for Offshore Renewable Energy in the Northern Ireland Marine Area. As part of this process an SEA Scoping Report has now been prepared which i

Published 14 September 2023Corporate reports

The Careers Occupational Information Unit, within the Careers Service, produces regular bulletins on growing sectors within the economy. This bulletin covers "Data Careers".

Published 08 September 2023Guidance literature

Electricity Consumption and Renewable Generation in Northern Ireland statistics are circulated to a limited number of pre-release access recipients in line with the Pre-release Access to Official Statistics Order (Northern Ireland) 2009.

Published 07 September 2023Notices

The Department for the Economy funds a Social Economy Work Programme which delivers strategic support to the social enterprise sector. The Work Programme is currently delivered on the Department’s behalf by Social Enterprise Northern Ireland (SENI).

Published 07 September 2023Development plan/framework

Social housing - a career option within the Health and Social Care family.

The Careers Occupational Information Unit (COIU), within the Careers Service, produces regular publications on developments within the NI economy. 

Published 01 September 2023Guidance literature

The tables presents a range of analysis regarding enrolments and students in the Northern Ireland further education sector covering academic years 2017/18 to 2021/22.

Published 01 September 2023Statistical reports

Research Bulletins are short analytical articles on topical economic and labour market issues. They help to build understanding of current trends and raise awareness of research and analysis carried out.

Published 31 August 2023Research and analysis

Further education Higher level Apprenticeship (HLA) equality tables have been produced in response to a request from the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (ECNI) for its ‘Measuring Equality in Northern Ireland’ monitoring framework.

Published 31 August 2023Statistical reports

Northern Ireland has a centuries-old tradition of shipbuilding, including the large part of the 20th century when it was the most prolific builder of ocean liners in the world.

Published 23 August 2023Guidance literature

This ad hoc report presents analysis from a one-off data linkage pilot project linking ApprenticeshipsNI (AppsNI) records with employment and earnings data.

Published 23 August 2023Statistical reports

In October 2022, the Department for the Economy published its research programme “A 10X Economy - Research Programme 2022-23 and Beyond”. This highlights the key research areas as the department seeks to deliver on its 10X Economy Vision.

Published 21 August 2023Contract management

This plan sets out what the department will do to fulfill its obligations in respect of its disability duties under Section 49A of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

Published 17 August 2023Business plans

The department's Audit of Inequalities and associated Action Plan provide a strategic overview of inequalities and set out the actions by which we intend to address inequality.

Published 17 August 2023Business plans

The Department for the Economy is required to prepare an annual general report under Article 372 of the Insolvency (Northern Ireland) Order 1989 on matters within the Insolvency Order.

Published 17 August 2023Corporate reports

The Department for the Economy has completed a public consultation exercise on the draft Circular Economy Strategy for Northern Ireland.

Published 16 August 2023Consultation reports

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