Mapping post-EU Exit regulatory divergence in Northern Ireland

Date published: 21 May 2024

Professor David Phinnemore and Dr Lisa Claire Whitten, of Queen's University Belfast, have carried out research for the Department for the Economy (DfE) on post EU-Exit regulatory divergence in Northern Ireland.

This research highlights the complexity of our regulatory environment as a consequence of EU Exit. It aims to assist our businesses and stakeholders in navigating our regulatory environment and maximise the opportunities provided by dual market access by distilling that complexity.


This research:

  • unpacks the current regulatory environment, and examines the extent to which it has been impacted by regulatory divergence by producing a register of divergence and alignment
  • includes case studies demonstrating how elements of our regulatory framework interact to create divergence and alignment
  • includes a “tracking tool” to provide practical assistance to our stakeholders and businesses in understanding their regulatory environment
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