To pay your deposit online please use the link below.

Before you start

Please note: The Insolvency Service of Northern Ireland is unable to accept website deposits at the moment. Please contact our mailbox for guidance Alternatively, you can post a cheque to Fermanagh House Ormeau Avenue, BT2 8NJ or make payment in person at the same address between the hours of 9.00 am and 12.00 noon Monday to Friday. Cheque and cash payments only accepted.

If you wish to pay a deposit on-line, you should:

  • select 'Debtors bankruptcy' if you are petitioning to make yourself bankrupt
  • select 'Creditors bankruptcy' if you are petitioning to make someone who owes you money bankrupt
  • select 'Liquidation' if you are petitioning to wind up a company that owes you money.

Pay deposit now

Additional information

If you do not receive an email containing your receipt within 24 hours of payment please contact:

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