Dear IP Letter 51

Dear IP Letter 51 was issued on 4 November 2020.

Dear Insolvency Practitioner,

In this, the Fifty First of the “Dear IP (NI)” series, I should like to deal with the following issue:

IP Portal – ISAAC Enhancements

The following changes have been made to the IP Portal:

Ability for IPs to Sort Documents by Date Shared

Previously when an IP received notification of a new document, there was no way to easily identify the latest shared document. An additional column has been added to the case documents tab entitled “Date Shared/Submitted”.

For a document shared by Insolvency Service, this will show the date the document was shared with the IP. For a document submitted by an IP, it will show the date submitted.

This column is sortable. The sort order will be saved so that when a user returns to the screen it will have the same sort order as when they left.

Increase Characters in Out of Office message

The previous out of office message was restricted to 100 characters long, this was deemed insufficient to write even a short message and therefore has been increased.

Refusing a Case - Increase Refusal Reason Character Limit

The previous refusal reason text box has been made larger and is no longer restricted to 200 characters.

IP Accounts Reminders

A fix has been applied to the system to ensure reminders for receipts and payments accounts appear for both IPs and Assistants.

Any enquiries regarding this article should be directed towards Chris Nesbitt, Insolvency Service, Project Manager, telephone: 028 90548504, email:


Yours faithfully,

Pauline Brown
Principal Examiner

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