Employees of bankrupts and insolvent companies

This section contains information regarding employees of bankrupts and insolvent companies.

Employees of bankrupts and insolvent companies

You may be entitled to payments under employment protection law. If the Official Receiver is trustee or liquidator and is told or becomes aware that you are or were an employee of a bankrupt person or a company in compulsory liquidation and that you may have a claim for unpaid salary, holiday pay, pay instead of notice or redundancy pay, the Department will:

  • send you form RPI within 10 working days so you can give details of your employment and any debts owed to you (for example, pay, holiday pay and redundancy money)
  • check your claim when you return it and send it within 10 working days to the Department for the Economy, Training and Employment Redundancy Payments Branch (any payments properly due to you will be made directly to you by the Redundancy Payments Branch - they will take off any income tax and national insurance that applies)

Redundancy payments

The Redundancy Payments Branch will take the decision on whether you are entitled to any payment.

You can contact Redundancy Payments Branch by phone on Freephone 0800 585811. This call is free of charge.

If an insolvency practitioner is appointed as trustee or liquidator, he or she will deal with your claims and send you the appropriate form if we have not already dealt with this.

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