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2021 publications

Overall assessment of year end performance measured against the DETI Operating Plan 2011 to 2012.

Published 01 October 2012Corporate reports

This evaluation was undertaken at the mid-term stage and the findings were used to inform the remainder of the programme which was to reduce economic inactivity and increase workforce skills.

Published 01 October 2012Corporate reports

Archived publications

Published 28 September 2012Statistical reports

This report describes the geology of Northern Ireland and outlines the history of mineral exploration and the current licensing position. Guidance is also provided for those applying for prospecting and mining/petroleum licences. 

Published 19 September 2012Statistical reports

This circular outlines the minimum qualifications required, for associate and full-time lecturers, to teach in Further Education Colleges in Northern Ireland.

Published 12 September 2012Circulars

This statistical bulletin has been produced by the Department for Employment and Learning, Northern Ireland (NI), using data collected by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

Published 31 August 2012Statistical reports

Equality Screening Form for Smart metering roll out for electricity customers 

Published 13 August 2012Impact assessments

The Departmental Board has established the Departmental Audit Committee to support its assurance needs and the assurance needs of the Departmental Accounting Officer. 

Published 24 July 2012Guidance literature

This Research Agenda identifies the key areas of strategically important research that the Department (DfE) will seek to develop over the three year period to 2015.

Published 19 July 2012Research and analysis

Equality Screening Form for the Energy Bill (Northern Ireland)

Published 10 July 2012Impact assessments

This statistical bulletin has been produced by the Department for Employment and Learning, Northern Ireland (NI), using data collected by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

Published 05 July 2012Statistical reports

In May 2012, 53 users were consulted, via an online survey (seen Annex 1), in regard to a number of proposed changes to the current Essential Skills publications.

Published 04 July 2012Consultation reports

The aim of the survey was to engage with users to ensure that the publications are published in a relevant, accurate and timely manner. Views were also sought on any improvements or changes that customers would like to see implemented within the bulletins. 

Published 04 July 2012Statistical reports

To ask the Minister for Employment and Learning to detail the sick absence figures, as a percentage, of each grade in the departments within the campuses of the University of Ulster and Queen`s University, Belfast, broken down by part-time; and full-time staff; and (a) long-te

Published 03 July 2012Correspondence

The Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment commissioned fDi Intelligence Ltd to assess the future prospects for attracting high value inward investment to NI.

Published 01 July 2012Research and analysis

ORESAP - Post Adoption Statement - Final - July 2012

Published 01 July 2012Consultation reports

The Department for Employment and Learning has produced labour market profiles and factsheets for each of the Workforce Development Forums (WDFs) in Northern Ireland. A report providing an overview of labour market information for Northern Ireland has also been published.

Published 29 June 2012Statistical reports

This report sets out the findings from a piece of research on the impact of a lower corporation tax in Northern Ireland on the demand for skills, labour and innovation capacity.

Published 20 June 2012Research and analysis

Further information on the Strategy can be accessed using the link below:

Published 15 June 2012Policy papers

List of successful ESF Projects - Second Round

Published 14 June 2012Guidance literature

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