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Minutes from a meeting of the All Island Liaison group held on the 24th June 2014.

Published 24 June 2014Agendas and minutes

Securing our success: Northern Ireland Strategy on Apprenticeships provides the future direction of apprenticeships in Northern Ireland, and sets out the new policy commitments and an implementation plan to ensure their delivery. 

Published 24 June 2014Policy papers

The Department monitors recently published research publications that have relevance to the work of the Department and, each quarter, produces a list of that research in a Research Review for wider dissemination.

Published 23 June 2014Research and analysis

Equality screening Form for the Replacement ICT System for Insolvency Service

Published 18 June 2014Impact assessments

Overall assessment of year end performance measured against the DETI Operating Plan 2013 to 2014

Published 16 June 2014Corporate reports

DETI has published the responses received to its consultation on phase 2 of the RHI

Published 13 June 2014Consultation reports

This report examines the capacity of local employment and training organisations to contribute to our long-term economic strategy, which builds economic resiliency, quality employment and productivity.

Published 11 June 2014Research and analysis

Under Section 49B of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, DETI is required to submit to the Equality Commission a disability action plan showing how it proposes to fulfill these duties in relation equality.

Published 06 June 2014Business plans

Notice of Scoping Opinion under the Offshore Electricity Development (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2008 and under the Marine Works (Environmental Impact Assessment ) Regulations 2007.

Published 05 June 2014Notices

Regional Gross Disposable Household Income (GDHI) 1997 - 2012 bulletin and data tables - published 4 June 2014

Published 04 June 2014Statistical reports

The aim of this policy is to increase levy rate from 0.60% to 0.65% to enable CITB Board to carry out its functions, including the payment of training grant to construction firms.

Published 03 June 2014Policy papers

The small and micro business impact test is an integral part of the wider Regulatory Impact Assessment process and is specifically designed to focus on the specific demands likely to be placed on small and micro businesses.

Published 01 June 2014Guidance literature

The Standard Cost Model (SCM) – also known as the Dutch model – provides a framework methodology for measuring administrative costs.

Published 01 June 2014Guidance literature

These are annexes to the standard cost model (SCM) 

Published 01 June 2014Circulars

This document is to be used by staff who wish to publish a regulatory impact assessment.

Published 01 June 2014Forms

Equality Screening Form for the Northern Ireland ERDF Investment for Growth and Jobs (IGJ) Programme 2014-2020 

Published 29 May 2014Impact assessments

Economic and Labour Market Statistics (ELMS) statistical user group meetings.

Published 28 May 2014Agendas and minutes

This Statistical Bulletin is part of a quarterly series published by the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) to provide key information on the Training for Success (TfS) and Programme-Led Apprenticeships(PLA) programmes in Northern Ireland.

Published 28 May 2014Statistical reports

ApprenticeshipsNI aims to provide participants with the opportunity to take part in a Level 2/Level 3 Apprenticeship where the apprentice, in paid employment from day one, works towards achieving an industry-approved Level 2/Level 3 Apprenticeship Framework.

Published 28 May 2014Statistical reports

Equality Screening Form for the Insolvency (NI) Order 2005 (Consequential Amendments) Order (NI) 2014 

Published 07 May 2014Impact assessments

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