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Application form for private operators to obtain consent under article 40 of of the Electricity (Northern Ireland) Order 1992

Published 03 November 2014Forms

Article 40 of the Electricity (Northern Ireland) Order 1992, revised criteria.

Published 03 November 2014Guidance literature

The final report of the Northern Ireland Review of Business Red Tape. 

Published 01 November 2014Policy papers

Tables for council area and NUTS III 2013

Published 30 October 2014Statistical reports

The local area database publication contains labour market statistics for council and nutsiii areas for 2013.

Published 30 October 2014Statistical reports

The following sources provide data by Northern Ireland's NUTS III regions (2013):

Published 28 October 2014Statistical reports

Documents relevant to user views on the development of a set of Supply-Use tables for Northern Ireland.

Published 16 October 2014Statistical reports

To ask the Minister for Employment and Learning for a numerical breakdown, by gender, age, disability and ethnicity, of the Governing Bodies of each of the FE Colleges including the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise.

Published 10 October 2014Correspondence

User Feedback and summarry of usage

Published 01 October 2014Statistical reports

Labour Force Survey women in Northern Ireland 2015

Published 30 September 2014Statistical reports

This publication presents information on Renewable Electricity Generation for Northern Ireland.

Published 25 September 2014Research and analysis

RSM McClure Watters (Consulting) Ltd was appointed by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment to undertake research into a Potential Hub System to Facilitate More Effective Communication between Regulators and with the Business Community.

Published 25 September 2014Research and analysis

This circular provides information and guidance on the MIS requirements for Entitlement Framework students

Published 25 September 2014Circulars

Tourism Statistics paper on confidence intervals.

Published 17 September 2014Agendas and minutes

The NI Index of Production is designed and maintained to meet the requirements of a wide variety of users. A summary of these uses can be accessed by clicking on the document below. Methodological notes are also provided.

Published 16 September 2014Statistical reports

This page contains State Aid presentations from the Council State Aid Information Seminar on 27 May 2015 and also the DETI State Aid awareness seminar in Titanic Belfast on 16 September 2014

Published 16 September 2014Speeches and statements

Labour mobility is an important aspect of a successful economy. It can help people gain the best return on their investment in skills. It is important for companies as it ensures they can access a wider pool of potential workers to address skills needs.

Published 12 September 2014Research and analysis

On 9th September 2014 the Northern Ireland Executive agreed the Innovation Strategy for Northern Ireland 2014 - 2025

Published 09 September 2014Policy papers

Innovation is the successful generation and exploitation of new ideas.

Published 09 September 2014Policy papers

A tourism statistics user group meeting was held on 2nd September 2014, with the purpose to discuss the current state of local district council tourism statistics in Northern Ireland. Minutes from this meeting can be accessed below.

Published 02 September 2014Agendas and minutes

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