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Further documentation under statistical protocols and compliance, including;

Published 27 May 2013Statistical reports

Information on the transfer of tourism statistics from the Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB) to the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA).



Published 21 May 2013Statistical reports

The first part of the study carried out an objective analysis of the financial stability and sustainability of the two university colleges and benchmarked the cost of teacher training in Northern Ireland against comparators in the United Kingdom.

Published 21 May 2013Consultation reports

This report sets out the findings from a research project commissioned by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) and the Department for Social Development (DSD) to examine the ‘third sector’ in Northern Ireland. 

Published 20 May 2013Policy papers

Northern Ireland Statistics Research Agency carried out a user consultation exercise regarding methodology on tourism statistics.

Published 19 May 2013Consultation reports

To ask the Minister for Employment and Learning how many adults aged over nineteen with special needs are enrolled as students, broken down by educational facility.

Published 14 May 2013Correspondence

The Employment Agency Inspectorate (EAI) regulates and inspects employment agencies in Northern Ireland. Employment agencies must comply with certain minimum standards when dealing with temporary agency workers.

Published 07 May 2013Guidance literature

Equality screening form for the Financial Capability Strategy

Published 03 May 2013Impact assessments

Funding for ESF Projects in Belfast.

Published 26 April 2013Correspondence

To ask the Minister for Employment and Learning how many students with a disability have been enrolled in Higher Education Institutions over the last five years, broken down by disability. 

Published 22 April 2013Correspondence

Guidance on the imposition of obligations on licence exempt distributors and suppliers

Published 12 April 2013Guidance literature

  • Index of Services quality reports
  • Index of Services quality assurance document
  • Index of Services revisions policy

Published 01 April 2013Statistical reports

This research builds upon previous attempts to estimate the cost to the NI economy of workplace injury and ill health and seeks to address previously identified weaknesses in the available data.

Published 31 March 2013Research and analysis

This Statistical Bulletin is part of a quarterly series published by the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) to provide key information on the Training for Success (TfS) and Programme-Led Apprenticeships(PLA) programmes in Northern Ireland.

Published 27 March 2013Statistical reports

ApprenticeshipsNI aims to provide participants with the opportunity to take part in a Level 2/Level 3 Apprenticeship where the apprentice, in paid employment from day one, works towards achieving an industry-approved Level 2/Level 3 Apprenticeship Framework.

Published 27 March 2013Statistical reports

This review provides a detailed understanding of how multiple cross-cutting issues prevent the economically inactive from seeking work. Specifically, the review considers two groups: those with family commitments; and the long-term sick and disabled.

Published 27 March 2013Research and analysis

Occupancy survey methodology and sample occupancy questionnaire forms with instructions.

Published 25 March 2013Statistical reports

Labour Force Survey background information

Published 20 March 2013Statistical reports

Differences between the ILO unemployment and claimant count

Published 20 March 2013Statistical reports

Claimant count background information

Published 20 March 2013Statistical reports

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