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2021 publications

The Department for Employment and Learning has published two new research papers, which investigate the link between qualifications and their impact on wages and productivity:

Published 12 February 2009Research and analysis

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) has prepared an Equality Scheme (June 2003) setting out how it proposes to fulfil the duties required by Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act. The Scheme lists the policies and key activities

Published 09 February 2009Impact assessments

The Department monitors recently published research publications that have relevance to the work of the Department and, each quarter, produces a list of that research in a Research Review for wider dissemination.

Published 29 December 2008Research and analysis

The Department for Employment and Learning has produced labour market profiles for each of the Workforce Development Forums (WDFs) in Northern Ireland. A report providing an overview of labour market information for Northern Ireland has also been published.


Published 17 December 2008Statistical reports

This report presents Northern Ireland specific analysis on the destinations of leavers from higher education three and a half years after graduating in 2002/03.

Published 16 December 2008Statistical reports

To ask the Minister for Employment and Learning how many people (i) started; and (ii) completed, a formal apprenticeship in each of the last five academic years, broken down by industry sector; and what is the target number.

Published 04 December 2008Correspondence

This article sets out the extent and source of variation in UK graduate earnings. It focuses in particular on estimating the effect of factors such as degree subject, degree classification, and Institution attended, as well as a range of personal and social characteristics.

Published 27 November 2008Research and analysis

Mrs Robinson asked the following Assembly Question: How many people of pensionable age registered for courses at Further Education colleges in each of the last three years, broken down by the constituency in which each college is located.

Published 20 November 2008Correspondence

This Summary report outlines the results from the full report (All-Island Skills Study) which provided a comprehensive all-island analysis of skills demand.

Published 09 October 2008Research and analysis

The aim of this Operating Plan is to outline the priorities of the Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Investment (DETI), the key actions it will undertake, and the outcomes it is seeking to achieve during 2008 to 2009.

Published 22 September 2008Business plans

The following issues are dealt with in this letter:-

Published 04 September 2008Guidance literature

This research report assesses school pupils' attitudes and intentions towards further and higher education, training and employment.

Published 30 June 2008Research and analysis

The report presents findings of a survey of jobs, where the main features of the jobs are reported by the employees themselves. This “job requirements approach” is an innovative method of measuring skills being used in the Northern lreland economy.

Published 26 June 2008Research and analysis

An experimental set of Supply-Use Tables was compiled by external accountants in 2007 to establish the economic impact of tourism.

Published 10 June 2008Statistical reports

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment is required to prepare an annual general report under Article 372 of the Insolvency (Northern Ireland) Order 1989 on matters within the Insolvency Order.

Published 09 June 2008Corporate reports

This report describes the geology of Northern Ireland and outlines the history of mineral exploration and the current licensing position. Guidance is also provided for those applying for prospecting and mining/petroleum licences. 

Published 01 May 2008Statistical reports

The next generation residential broadband trial was initiated by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI), at a total cost of £67k, in order to test technical feasibility, cost and adoption of high speed broadband connectivity in a so

Published 17 April 2008Research and analysis

Annual reports of the Joint Insolvency Committee

Published 17 April 2008Corporate reports

The Department monitors recently published research publications that have relevance to the work of the Department and, each quarter, produces a list of that research in a Research Review for wider dissemination.

Published 09 April 2008Research and analysis

This report presents the findings from research carried out by the Priorty Skills Unit, ERINI for the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL).

Published 28 March 2008Statistical reports

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