Petroleum Licence applications PLA1/16 and PLA2/16 - consultation responses

The Department for the Economy carried out public consultation in respect of two Petroleum Licence Applications - PLA1/16 and PLA2/16. The public consultations began on 07 May 2019 and closed on 31 July 2019.


The Department received a total of 5,703 responses: 2,572 for PLA1/16 and 3,131 for the PLA2/16.

A redacted version of each individual response can be viewed at following the links.

Next Steps

As outlined in the Consultation Overview documents, the two Petroleum Licence Applications were subject to public consultation with a view to informing a recommendation to a future Minister as to whether or not a Petroleum Licence should be awarded to the applicant company. The consultation responses raise numerous issues which the Department needs to consider in detail in order to be able to provide advice to a Minister in due course.



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