Mineral Prospecting Licence Applications MCTA1/22, OMA1/22, KDRA2/22 and KDRA3/22

The Department for the Economy carried out public consultations in respect of the mineral prospecting licence applications MCTA1/22, OMA1/22, KDRA2/2 and KDRA3/22. The public consultations began on 6 June 2022 and closed on 28 August 2022.


A Consultation Summary Report has been produced for each application and can be viewed at:

In total by the end of the consultations the Department had received 122 different responses and appropriately redacted versions of these are available at:

Award of Licences

The Department awarded Mineral Prospecting Licences for each of these applications on 1 October 2022. A redacted copy of each licence is available to view at :

Please note the Licences available in these links are current agreed drafts which will be replaced with redacted copies of the endorsed Licences as soon as they are available.

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