Mineral Prospecting Licence Applications MPLA1/22 (Licence DG5/22) and MPLA2/22 (Licence DG6/22)

As required under the Mineral Development Act (NI) 1969, the Department for the Economy provided notification and invited views on its intention to grant Mineral Prospecting Licences MPLA1/22 and MPLA2/22. The public consultation began on 17 January 2022 and closed on 10 April 2022.


The Department received a total of 1,635 responses – a copy of the Consultation Summary Report is available at:

Responses to the consultation consisted of:

  • stakeholder replies
  • campaign letters of objection
  • individual objections
  • letters of support

Redacted versions of these are available at: MPLA1/22 and MPLA2/22 consultation responses  

Award of Licences

The Department awarded Mineral Prospecting Licences for both applications on 1 June 2022. A redacted copy of each licence is available to view at:

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