Offshore Renewable Energy

The Energy Strategy for Northern Ireland – ‘The Path to Net Zero’, launched by former Economy Minister Gordon Lyons in December 2021, established a renewable electricity consumption target of 70% by 2030 that was then increased to 80% by 2030 by the Climate Change (Northern Ireland) Act 2022. The Energy Strategy also established a commitment to diversify the renewables generation technology mix, with an initial focus on offshore wind and marine renewables.

Developing an Action Plan

To deliver on the Energy Strategy, the Department for the Economy published its intention to develop an action plan to deliver 1GW of offshore wind in the Energy Strategy Action Plan 2022 (published 16 January 2022).

Over the course of 2022, DfE led the development of the Draft Offshore Renewable Energy Action Plan (OREAP), taking the first steps towards delivering on the commitments established in the Energy Strategy. The consultation on the OREAP was published in December 2022

Statement of Intent with The Crown Estate

DfE and the Crown Estate released a Statement of Intent in January 2023 that outlines how they will work together to create the conditions for offshore wind leasing in the Northern Ireland marine area.

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