Renewable Electricity Support Scheme

Reaching the target of 80% renewables will require significant collaboration between government and industry to diversify and increase renewable electricity generation within Northern Ireland.

Current position

Currently, with no existing support scheme in Northern Ireland, potential investment into renewable electricity in Northern Ireland is instead being diverted to Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland, and other countries. A support scheme for Northern Ireland would support investment and be a driver to increase wealth, prosperity and living standards across Northern Ireland.

Public consultation

The Energy Strategy Action Plan 2022, published in January 2022, outlined 22 commitments for the year. The Action Plan includes an action to consult on a renewable electricity support scheme (Action Point 12).

In February 2023 the Department published a consultation on design considerations for a renewable electricity support scheme for Northern Ireland.

This is the first step towards the implementation of a support scheme that can ensure electricity generation from a diverse range of renewables. Such a scheme is essential to deliver on the NI Executive’s Energy Strategy targets and ensure NI can effectively attract investors to benefit from
green growth opportunities while also protecting consumers from global price shocks.

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