Offshore Renewable Energy Action Plan SEA Scoping Report

Date published: 14 September 2023

The Department for the Economy has commissioned a Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitat Regulations Assessment (SEA/HRA) for Offshore Renewable Energy in the Northern Ireland Marine Area. As part of this process an SEA Scoping Report has now been prepared which issued on 14 September 2023 to the relevant Statutory Consultation Bodies for comment, as appropriate, within 5 weeks.

The purpose of this SEA Scoping Report is to provide the context for, and determine the scope of, the SEA and to set out the framework for undertaking the later stages of the SEA. The Scoping stage of SEA involves reviewing other relevant plans, policies and programmes, considering the current state of the environment, and identifying any key environmental problems which may be affected by the programme. It sets out the ‘SEA framework’, which comprises specific environmental objectives against which the likely effects of the programme can be assessed.

The SEA Scoping Report can be viewed for information below.


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