The Higher Level Apprenticeships (HLA) publications present a range of analysis regarding the provision of the HLA programme.

HLA publications

The publications cover analysis of participants on the higher level apprenticeship programmes offered at Further Education (FE) Colleges, College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) and Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in Northern Ireland. The analysis presents information on HLAs from level 4 to level 7

Apprenticeships in NI fact sheet

The Apprenticeships in NI fact sheet provides a summary of the DfE funded apprenticeships. Provision ranges from Level 2 apprenticeships up to Level 7 Higher Level Apprenticeships.

Further information

Higher Level Apprenticeship ad hoc tables are produced in response to user requests and contain combinations of data that are not available in standard publications.

Higher Level Apprenticeships at further education equality tables have been produced in response to a request from the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (ECNI) for its ‘Measuring Equality in Northern Ireland’ monitoring framework. HLAs at FE colleges data is a subset of overall FE data.

User consultation

A user engagement consultation was carried out for Apprenticeships and Training Statistics in May 2021. The Apprenticeships and Training Statistics consultation gave users the opportunity to comment on three statistical bulletins: Training for Success (TfS)ApprenticeshipsNI (APPSNI) and Higher Level Apprenticeships (HLAs).

Quality Report

A quality report on the statistics contained in the Higher Level Apprenticeships (HLA) in Northern Ireland bulletin and Statistical Fact sheet on HLA at Higher Education Institutions has been produced and is available at the link below:

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