The Department provides statistics on the Programme-Led Apprenticeships programme in Northern Ireland

Statistical Bulletins

The PLA provision was introduced in September 2009 as an intervention measure to respond to the economic downturn, in order that Northern Ireland would continue to develop and retain skills in preparation for the economic upturn. PLA aims to provide young people aged 16-17 (or under 22/24 years for those with an extended eligibility entitlement) with the opportunity to take part in a Level 2 Apprenticeship where the apprentice will work towards achieving an industry-approved Level 2 Apprenticeship Framework.

With the introduction of the Training for Success 2013 programme in June 2013, Programme-Led Apprenticeships have now been set aside. However statistics for participants on Programme-Led Apprenticeships will continue to be reported as they progress through their apprenticeships.

Statistics in this bulletin covers key information on Programme-Led Apprenticeships in Northern Ireland, including the number of starts and leavers, occupancy and qualifications achieved. This information will be published on a quarterly basis going forward

Programme-Led Apprenticeships Statistics Year 2015-16

Programme-Led Apprenticeships Statistics Year 2014/15

Programme-Led Apprenticeships Statistics Year 2013/14

Programme-Led Apprenticeships Statistics Year 2012/13

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