The Department for the Economy provides statistics on the Skills for Life and Work programme in Northern Ireland.

Statistical publications

In September 2021, the department introduced Skills for Life and Work to replace Skills for Your Life and Skills for Work Level 1 of Training for Success. Skills for Life and Work is a programme designed for young people aged 16-17, or under 22 years for those with a disability, and under 24 years for those who qualify under the Children (Leaving Care) Act (NI) (2002).

Skills for Life and Work is for young people who have left school but need experience of work along with qualifications at Level 1 or Entry Level.  These may help participants to find a job or move on to higher level training. Participants may be able to follow one or more Level 2 qualifications while on Skills for Life and Work, depending on participants’ needs and circumstances.

Skills for Life and Work includes a significant amount of time spent in a workplace (usually every week) as well as training with participants’ training organisations for the rest of the time. Participants work towards qualifications in personal development and employability, and a qualification in the vocational (work) areas that they choose. Participants can also work towards Essential Skills qualifications in literacy, numeracy and ICT.

Skills for Life and Work statistics

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