Mineral Prospecting Licence Applications MPLA1/19 and MPLA2/19

Consultation opened on 13 September 2021. Closing date 05 December 2021.


In exercise of its powers under Section 11 of the Mineral Development Act 1969, the Department for the Economy is consulting on its intention to grant two Mineral Prospecting Licences in Counties Tyrone and Londonderry to Dalradian Gold Limited.


Consultation description

Provided that the other required permissions are obtained, the two Mineral Prospecting Licences will permit the company to explore for base metals. The applicant previously held mineral prospecting licences over the same two areas. The previous licences, known as DG1 and DG2, ended in December 2019.

These two new licences are not related to the exploration of gold or silver which are outside the remit of the Department for the Economy. Dalradian Gold Limited are permitted to explore for gold under Options granted by the Crown Estate.

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