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Our verification and testing services cover a wide variety of weighing and measuring equipment including; weights, weighing scales, platform scales, weighbridges, liquid fuel measuring instruments, bulk fuel metering systems, capacity serving measures, spirit measuring instruments and tape measures. Our legal verification services for weighing and measuring equipment is in line with UK and EU Legislation.

Testing and authorising weighing and measuring equipment as fit for trade use

As the Weights and Measures Authority for Northern Ireland we employ a number of fully qualified and experienced Trading Standards Inspectors who are authorised and competent in the field of Legal Metrology. We test a wide range of weighing and measuring equipment which is required by UK and EU law to be tested and passed before it can be used for trade. 

Oil meter These include:

  • Bulk fuel metering systems 
  • Non-automatic weighing instruments  
  • Liquid fuel measuring instruments
  • Spirit Measuring Instruments
  • Material measures of length

Pumpwatch petrol measure We are also the Approved Body (0326) for Northern Ireland.

In this capacity we are able to initially verify weighing and measuring equipment being placed on the market under the Measuring Instruments Regulations 2016 and the Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments Regulations 2016.

This includes conducting initial verifications on Liquid Fuel Measuring Instruments, Road Tanker Meter Measuring Systems and Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments.

Weighbridge test unit

We operate a weighbridge test unit. The combination of different sized weights carried on the unit enable accuracy testing of smaller platform weighing machines in addition to larger weighbridges. Weighbridge test unit and test weights

Our personnel are trained and experienced in the safe operation of the weighbridge test unit as well as the testing process itself. We operate within a specific safety method statement and risk assessment, which facilitates efficient testing.


The fully laden combined weight of a weighbridge test unit can be up to 43,000 kg comprising of the tractor unit, trailer, forklift truck and weights. 

Blockweights 1 tonne test weight and large mass comparator

All our blockweights on our weighbridge test unit are tested in house by our Weights and Measures Inspectors. We also have the facilities to test customer weights up to 1000kg for accuracy and can provide certificates of test for non-standard weights up to this quantity.


Advice and guidance

As the Enforcement body for Weights and Measures legislation in Northern Ireland we can also provide advice and guidance on legal requirements as well as assessment of legal compliance and the development of due diligence procedures.

As a business, using inaccurate equipment can be detrimental to both profitability and reputation. This, along with potential prosecution under the Weights and Measures (Northern Ireland) Order 1981, could have a major impact on your business. We can offer advice and guidance to help you ensure your business is fully compliant with legislation, if you require advice please contact us on 0300 123 6262.


Details of fees/charges can be found at:


Department for the Economy
Trading Standards Service
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Telephone: 0300 123 62 62

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