Higher education statistical fact sheets

The facts sheets below provide a more detailed analysis of various topics of interest in Higher Education (HE) including NI domiciled HE enrolments at NI Further Education Colleges and Republic of Ireland institutions, Initial Teacher Training figures, enrolments on STEM courses, the Higher Education Age Participation Index and various historic time series.

Fact sheets

Notification of a breach of the code of practice for statistics

Practice T3.6 of the Code of Practice for Statistics requires that: "Statistics should be released to all users at 9:30am on a weekday". Due to technical difficulties, the release of the Higher Education statistical fact sheets 2017/18 was delayed past the required 9.30 am time on 27 June 2019.

This breach has been reported to the National Statistician.

Contact Details

Statistics and Research Branch (Tertiary Education)
Telephone: 028 9025 7609
Email: analyticalservices@economy-ni.gov.uk  


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