European Social Fund (ESF) case study - WOMEN'STEC

This participant was unemployed and took part in one of the WOMEN’STEC projects that is part funded by the Northern Ireland European Social Fund 2014-2020 – Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme.

Her story

She wanted to learn about joinery and plumbing so she could use these skills to help her gain employment, to learn how to do odd jobs around the house and to gain more confidence. She enrolled with WOMEN’STEC and began a Joinery class and a Plumbing class.  

The participant says,

“I achieved a lot out from the courses I completed at WOMEN’STEC - more confidence and a positive outlook, which has helped me believe I can do anything. I enjoyed joinery as I love creating things and working with my hands. Plumbing was great as we all have been stuck with air locks in our radiators and leaking toilets and now I know how to fix these.”

Gaining a full time job

She continues,

“It was great meeting new people. The tutors, staff and everyone on the course were all so pleasant. Completing the courses with WOMEN’STEC gave me so much more confidence and this has resulted in me going out and getting a full-time job just two weeks after my classes ended.”

“Almost one year later, I am still working full-time and really enjoying it. I’ve recently moved jobs, to a better one and my confidence continues to grow. I’d definitely recommend WOMEN’STEC and I’d also recommend that women gain new skills in areas that you only think a man can do.”


A French translation of this case study is available at: European Social Fund case study - WOMEN'STEC - French translation

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