The Department for the Economy (DfE) has responsibility for ensuring that Northern Ireland Departments operate good regulatory and enforcement practices.

DfE's role

DfE commits to the principles of better regulation in policy-making and will utilise the full range of relevant impact assessment tools as part of policy and strategy development.

There are eight principles of Better Regulation:

  • proportionality
  • accountability
  • consistency
  • transparency
  • targeted
  • collaboration
  • support
  • regard for economic growth

Since 2001, Northern Ireland departments have been operating under the Northern Ireland Better Regulation Strategy. The strategy was introduced by the then Northern Ireland Executive to minimise the burden of red tape on business.

Online feedback

The NICS departments are all committed to better regulation and improving the regulatory environment for legitimate business throughout Northern Ireland.

The NICS has a web feedback form giving businesses the opportunity to comment specifically on a regulation that is having a direct impact on them.

The form is designed for businesses to comment on those regulatory issues which come directly under the remit of the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly.  

You are encouraged to actively use the form for relevant NI regulations which, for whatever reason, causes you concern – departmental officials are committed to responding directly to these.  

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