The Shared Rural Network (SRN) is part of the UK Mobile Programme and will see the government and Vodafone, O2, Three and EE jointly invest over £1 billion to increase 4G mobile coverage throughout the United Kingdom to 95 per cent geographic coverage by the end of 2025. It is underpinned by a legally binding coverage commitment from each operator to have reached at least 90 per cent, assessed in 2026.

Northern Ireland will benefit from the industry funded Partial Not Spot (PNS) coverage improvements which are scheduled to complete by 30 June 2024.”

New digital infrastructure

The £532 million investment by mobile network operators is supported with more than £500 million of government funding to eliminate ‘total not-spots’ - that is, hard-to-reach areas where there is currently no coverage from any operator. This will provide new digital infrastructure in total not spot areas not commercially viable for the operators. The Shared Rural Network will also provide coverage to 280,000 premises and 16,000km of roads across the UK.

The network will lead to increases in coverage in some areas by more than a third, with the biggest coverage improvements in rural parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

It means all four mobile network operators will deliver 95 per cent combined coverage across the whole of the UK by the end of 2025 and consumers can rely on their own provider’s network wherever they are.

For more information go to the Shared Rural Network website.

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