Department for the Economy employment and skills programmes and Careers Service

The Department provides and supports a number of training programmes aimed at both citizens and employers.

Citizen-facing programmes

Detailed information on employment and skills programmes is hosted on the nidirect website which you can access at the links below:


  • Study USA - Study USA is an innovative programme which offers undergraduate students studying in Northern Ireland an opportunity to study business for one year at a college in the USA.


Detailed information for employers is hosted on the website and is accessible from the links below.

You may also be interested in the following publications:

Careers Service

The Careers Service provides an impartial, all-age careers information, advice and guidance service, to help young people, parents and adults make informed choices about their future career paths.

Professionally qualified careers advisers are based in Careers Resource Centres, Jobs and Benefits Offices and JobCentres throughout Northern Ireland.

Careers Service information, advice and interactive careers tools are on nidirect.


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