Study USA is an innovative programme which offers undergraduate students studying in Northern Ireland an opportunity to study business for one year at a college in the USA.

Study USA programme

Through study outside their home country, it is intended that these students will gain additional confidence, an international outlook, and enhanced business and management skills that will directly benefit the local economy.

Course content

It involves one year's third level education in Business and Management Studies. The programme develops the academic and applied skills of ambitious and talented students in business orientated subjects.


The programme is open to pre-final year, full-time EU students studying for a third level (degree/foundation degree/HND) qualification, in any discipline, in a university or college in Northern Ireland.

Selection for the programme takes place during November/ December each year.

Applications are now closed for 2020/21 year. Applications for 2021/22 will open in Autumn 2020. For more information see British Council website.


The US Colleges and Universities waive their normal tuition fees for the students, while the Department pays for one return flight to the USA, a generous text book allowance and covers term time food and accommodation costs.

Students are required to pay for their own travel and medical insurance; living costs when the US Colleges are closed for breaks; their visas and Sevis which is used to track and monitor the students’ performance within the U.S. education system.

In addition, students are required to pay a £1,500 participation fee. This fee is waived for those students in receipt of a maintenance grant.

Normal NI student financial support arrangements are not available while students are participating in the Study USA programme.



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