10X Economy - an economic vision

On 11 May 2021, the Department for the Economy launched its economic vision for the next 10 years, called "10X Economy - an economic vision for a decade of innovation".

Further engagement - Expression of Interest

To ensure that a wide range of people can inform our work, we are seeking expressions of interest from people who would like to be involved whether through focus groups, participation in co-design or sharing more about their views on innovation, inclusion and sustainability.

Expressions of interest for this can be made through the following link: 

This will remain open until 18 January 2023. 

10X Economy

The concept embraces innovation to deliver a ten times (10X) better economy with benefits for all the people of Northern Ireland.

The ambition will be realised by:

  • focussing on innovation in areas where we have strengths
  • ensuring the gains from innovation mean something to all businesses, people and places in Northern Ireland

Promotional video

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10X Economy documents

The 10X Economy document and summary are available at:

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