Update on Youth Training and Apprenticeships

Current progress

Work is progressing with the further education colleges and employers to test and deliver important aspects of the new system and the reforms will continue to be implemented on a phased basis from September 2017.  As outlined in the Department‘s information sessions in June 2016 work is progressing on the development of new arrangements to deliver off-the-job training for apprenticeships and traineeships when the new system is introduced.

The current contracts for the delivery of the ApprenticeshipsNI and Training for Success programmes expired on 31 March 2017. Participants who have already commenced a training course under these contracts before that date will continue to be supported.   

To ensure continuity of provision during the transition period while the Department develops and implements the new system of apprenticeships and youth training, a public procurement competition was launched to award new contracts to non-statutory training providers, initially on a two year basis, for the delivery of ApprenticeshipsNI and Training for Success programmes commencing next year. These contracts will help to ensure that there is provision to meet the needs of young people and employers during the period of the roll-out of the reforms.

Further Education Colleges will continue to have an important role in supporting ApprenticeshipNI and Training for Success and as statutory bodies under the direction of the Department were exempt from the procurement process. FE colleges will continue to have to meet the same requirements as other providers in order to deliver training.

Should you have any queries about the content of this note please contact barbara.mcconaghie@economy-ni.gov.uk or your DfE Contract Manager as appropriate.

Colin Woods
Head of Commercial Services Branch
Department for the Economy







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