Independent Review of Invest Northern Ireland (InvestNI)

Date published: 11 January 2023

The Department for the Economy has a published a report in respect of the Independent Review of Invest NI. The Review was undertaken by an Independent Review Panel chaired by Sir Michael Lyons and comprising Dame Rotha Johnston DBE and Maureen O’Reilly. The objective of the Review, commissioned in January 2022, was to provide an independent assessment of Invest NI’s efficiency and effectiveness and, looking forward, its capacity to strategically align with and operationally deliver the 10X Economic Vision.


Technopolis was commissioned by the Panel of the Independent Review of Invest Northern Ireland to feed into the broader consultation and analysis undertaken for the Review. Technopolis completed three reports for use by the Review Panel – an Invest NI Benchmarking and Best Practice Review, an Invest NI Performance Review and a report on the features of successful local economic development ecosystems.

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