Growing and Diversifying the Export Base

Date published: 10 March 2016

Export Matters was published on 7 March 2016 to deliver a strategic vision and accompanying action plan for increasing the value of sales outside Northern Ireland, and encouraging more companies to become more outward looking.  To inform the development of Export Matters, a significant research project was carried out by RSM McClure Watters.  


This research sought to assess how can NI grow and diversify its export base, particularly into emerging markets, as well as Government can support the growth and diversification of the export base.  It has been informed by consultations with local companies and key stakeholders, and includes a review of the current government export support landscape across the UK and ROI as well as an assessment of those overseas markets which offer us the greatest opportunities.


This research is published alongside Export Matters as a key part of the accompanying evidence base.  The final reports can be found below.

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