Business Opportunities and Challenges Arising from Carbon Emissions Targets

Date published: 01 January 2010

This report was commissioned to examine the opportunities and challenges presented to business in Northern Ireland by carbon emissions targets.

Business opportunities and challenges arising from carbon emissions targets

Under the Research Agenda 2005-08, DETI and OFMDFM commissioned a consortium led by Cambridge Econometrics to examine the opportunities and challenges arising from government’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency.  

The research was carried out in two phases and the objectives for each phase are outlined below.

Phase 1 objectives:

  • review existing data sources for energy consumption and CO2 emissions from the business sector in Northern Ireland
  • establish estimates of business CO2 emissions by sector

Phase 2 objectives:

  • examine the opportunities and challenges facing local businesses when meeting national obligations for reducing CO2 emissions
  • consider an appropriate policy response / framework and instruments that could be adopted to ensure local businesses contribute to CO2reductions

An interim report, presenting results from Phase 1, along with the final report are available to download below:

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