Labour Relations Agency pen pictures


Gordon Milligan

Gordon has extensive business experience including human resources and employee relations spanning over 30 years. Before joining Translink his previous experience included senior positions in large global organisations including Bombardier Aerospace, Nortel and Dunbia. Gordon is chair of the Institute of Directors (IoD) in Northern Ireland and is a visiting professor at the Ulster University Business School. He also serves as a member of the Northern Ireland Employment Relations roundtable and the Northern Ireland engagement forum. He has an MBA, is a Fellow of Institute of Directors (IoD) and a Chartered Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD).

He holds no other public appointments.


Geraldine Alexander

Geraldine Alexander is a senior trade union official with the Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance (NIPSA). She has over 30 years’ experience representing the interests of members employed in the civil and public services, including the voluntary and community sector. She is currently the strategic lead on policy in the key specialist areas of equality, human rights, social affairs, health and safety, LGB&T and youth matters. A former board member and deputy chairperson of the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland. Geraldine is currently the chairperson of the Northern Ireland Committee, Irish Congress of Trade Unions Women’s Committee and Health and Safety Committee.

She does not hold any other public appointments.

Clare Duffield

Clare is currently the Director of Human Resources and Legal Services at the Education Authority. She is responsible for the leadership and management of HR services for a workforce of over 45 000 staff who work in schools and in providing services to schools. Clare has experience from both the public and private sectors. She was previously director of HR and organisational development in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust and head of divisional retail HR at B&Q plc.  Clare’s experience extends beyond HR and organisational development having also led projects in service delivery, corporate governance, customer and employee relations, business transformation, strategy and performance as well as corporate communications.

Clare is a Chartered Member of the CIPD with a passion for leadership development, employee engagement, industrial relations and service improvement. She has a keen and active interest in sport and is an appointed independent board member of Athletics NI.

She does not hold any other public appointments.

Kevin McCabe

Mr McCabe is a trade union official and activist with over 35 years’ experience and knowledge of working in the public sector. An Assistant secretary working for NIPSA he served 18 years in the health and social care sector and was a lead trade union side secretary who oversaw the Review of Public Administration, the implementation of the Agenda for Change Job Evaluation Scheme and significant organisational change and reviews. He also had responsibility for the voluntary and community sector and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive. He previously and now has responsibility for some Northern Ireland Civil Service departments and his present remit covers Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA), Department for the Economy (DfE), Department of Education (DE) and the Department of Health (DOH).  Mr McCabe was a former commissioner on the Fair Employment Commission and served on the Health and Social Care (HSC) Pension Advisory Board and the Health and Social Care (HSC) Trustee Pension Board. He has worked widely and jointly with other stakeholders advising, training and facilitating workshops on various employment issues. He is a graduate in personnel management and member of the CIPD.

He does not hold any other public appointments

Lee Wilson

Lee holds a BA Hons in business studies, an MA in administration and law and a PG diploma in social and community development.

He brings over 20 years' financial experience in a range of managerial positions within a local health trust to the role as well as substantial experience in corporate governance and risk management through non executive board member roles. Lee has previously been a board member of the Consumer Council for NI and a member of its audit committee. Currently he is a board and audit committee member of the NI Social Care Council (remuneration £6,842 pa), NI Guardian ad Litem Agency (remuneration £4,004 pa) and NI Medical and Dental Training Agency (remuneration £3,203 pa), where he also chairs the governance and risk committee.

Lee also brings several years' employment relations experience as a disability and staff side representative in a local health trust staff / management negotiating forum to the role.

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