Details of acceptance of outside business appointments, employment or self-employment by civil servants after leaving the NI Civil Service

Below are the details of applications made between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021 by former DfE senior staff (Grade 5 and above) and special advisers for outside business appointments within 2 years of leaving the service.

Name Former Department Role Grade New Appointment Details Notes - Advice given including any restrictions imposed on them
Noel Lavery Economy Permanent Secretary n/a Non-Executive Board Member to the Belfast Harbour Commissioners As a general principle, there will also be a two year ban on lobbying Government on behalf of his new employer. The former civil servant should not engage in communication with Civil Service departments, including Ministers, Special Advisers and officials, with a view to influencing a Government decision or policy in relation to their own interests, or the interests of their new employer or any organisation to which they are contracted. The two year lobbying ban which will expire on the 1st December 2021.


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