Project Gigabit - Open Market Review

Consultation opened on 12 December 2022. Closing date 27 January 2023.


The government’s ambition is to deliver nationwide gigabit-capable broadband as soon as possible. We recognise that there is a need for government intervention in the parts of the country that are not commercially viable. This is why the government has committed £5 billion for the hardest to reach parts of the country, ensuring that all areas of the UK can benefit. This will be spent through a package of coordinated and mutually supportive interventions, collectively known as Project Gigabit.


Consultation description

Department for the Economy (DfE) in Northern Ireland, along with Building Digital UK (BDUK), is developing a procurement approach for funding contracts to suppliers delivering gigabit-capable wholesale infrastructure. This procurement approach will be a successor to the highly successful Superfast broadband programme and Project Stratum. As a result of significant commercial investment and vital public intervention in Northern Ireland, an increasing number of homes and businesses now have access to improved broadband services, with gigabit-capable accessibility now the highest in the UK. As such, it may be the case that a future procurement under Project Gigabit may be smaller in scale to ongoing deployment under Project Stratum. However, the scale and scope of a target intervention area will only be known as a result of extensive analysis of data following an Open Market Review and a subsequent Public Review.

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