Northern Ireland Superfast Rollout Programme - Public clarification of intervention area

Consultation opened on 04 November 2016. Closing date 04 December 2016.


The Northern Ireland Superfast Rollout Project, managed by the Department for the Economy (DfE), is aiming to extend the availability of Superfast Broadband across Northern Ireland.


Consultation description

The purpose of clarifying the intervention area is to confirm the areas which do not have Next Generation Access (NGA) broadband infrastructure delivering at least 30Mbps, or where there are no plans to provide such infrastructure over the next three years.

These are described as “white NGA areas”. This is to enable all interested stakeholders - the public, businesses and telecommunications providers - to comment on the proposed white NGA areas before further coverage is committed.  

The Department for the Economy will then submit its final proposals for the NGA white area, taking account of the outcome of the clarification of the intervention area, to Broadband Delivery UK's (BDUK) National Competence Centre for clearance.

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