Equality Impact Assessment - extension of the gas network to the west

Consultation opened on 04 November 2013. Closing date 07 February 2014.


The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment has carried out an Equality Impact Assessment on proposals to extend the natural gas network in Northern Ireland to further towns in the West and North-West.


Consultation description

This project, which is currently timetabled for commencement in the period 2015-16, will be implemented by a private sector developer(s) under a gas licence(s) granted by the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation (‘the Utility Regulator’) under the Gas (Northern Ireland) Order 1996.

The proposals aim to:

  • bring greater fuel choice to energy consumers in the identified towns
  • enable businesses to use a cleaner, more efficient and cheaper fuel
  • help to shift the dependence on coal and oil for household heating
  • help to alleviate fuel poverty
  • enhance security of energy supply
  • reduce CO2 and other harmful environmental emissions.

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